Build Image for B1300 with OpenWRT 19

Hi All,

I had a go with the image builder documentation - but had no luck. I was wondering if someone might be able to tell me how to build a GL-inet firmware with OpenWRT 19.07. I really want 802.11r (Fast Roaming) support which the QualcomSDK (based on OpenWRT 15.05) does not support. I do not use the mesh (WiFi SON) functionality so I do not mind losing that.

Many thanks

We will have time to build a firmware for you end of July.


That would be amazing

Hi there,

Thank for the new build.

I’ve just updating firmware to qsdk-b1300-3.203-0701.img ( Aug 3, 2021 ).
Installed Luci but openwrt is always to the Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 version.

Can I upgrade to openwrt 19 using LuCI or CLI or is it not wise to do so?

S1300/B1300 - QSDK is on CC due to the QCA closed source drivers for mesh and Wave 2 support.

QCA forked OpenWRT on the CC 15.05.1 label, but it is actually fairly current in many ways - security backports, etc…

B1300/S1300 are directly supported on the OpenWRT git - so one can download images from them directly, just note that it won’t have some of the crunchy QCA special sauce that the closed source QSDK has…

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That’s what I wanted to know.
Thank’s :slight_smile: