Built In Battery? Dual antenna?

Do you have any travel routers with a built in battery? (not the mi-fi device) I really like my GL-MT300N but wish it had a small built-in battery.

Do you have any travel routers with dual antennae? Would be helpful in repeater mode, and would also be nice to have dual band.

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The only GL.iNet with a battery is the MIFI, but you can order this without the 4G card for about $50. It is then basically the same as an AR150 with an SD card slot.

There are devices with dual antennas (AR300M and MT300A), however I think they will not help the repeater specifically. There are no dual radio devices on the market that run OpenWrt by anyone. The AR300M will hopefully be the first dual band (technically also dual radio), but to benefit you would need all your devices to be 5G running on the AP side (to the device) and then connect to a STAtion\WISP on the 2.4G side (you can not expect the WISP to be 5G).

You can run a USB adapter to get a dual radio and I do this on another device. I do not think it helps much with speed, and it may not be as fast for unknown reasons. See my edimax post on the OpenWrt site and similar. OpenWrt Forum Archive

What are your issues?

Thank you for the reply.

RE the battery: if you do not currently sell mini-router devices with a battery built in, is there a common method/product for accomplishing this after market? (e.g. a battery pack that people commonly use that either matches the footprint of the device or fits inside)

RE dual antennae: yes, what you describe with “you would need all your devices to be 5G running on the AP side (to the device) and then connect to a STAtion\WISP on the 2.4G side” is what I was looking for. Is that configuration possible (and easy to accomplish) on the AR300M?

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Ari, sorry to mislead you. I do not work for the company.

I know at one point they were out of stock for batteries for the MIFI, but it appears you can order the battery with the device.

The AR300M is not currently available with dual band radio, but I expect that the config will bee easy to accomplish, but we will need to see the device first.

These are two different devices. The AR300M is NOT available with a battery.

I’ll stand by for the ARM300M to be released with dual radio.

Does anyone know if any batteries are available that fit?


@doucettea, Yes, AR300M will have dual radio very soon. Seems the Ath10k driver is working stable now.

For batteries, it is difficult find someone “fit”. I suggest you find some short MicroUSB cable and a standard battery.

AR300M consumes more power than AR150, so a battery may drain quicker. We may use the same chip to make another MiFi board later.

For repeater, the newest firmware can handle repeater using just one radio. Hope this helps.

I have been experimenting with a 3.7v (5v) 2,000 mah battery for $10 from e-bay (3.7V 2500mAh Rechargeable LiPo Polymer Battery + PCM board For Tablet PC 505068 | eBay). While this battery DOES power the AR150 for 12+ hours in our testing, powering the AR300M with the battery through a charge controller results in partial boot up (to the point that it pings 4 times or so) then the device resets. Looking at the specs, the AR150 pulls <1 watt at 5 volts (so about .2 amps) but the AR300M pulls <3 watts (about .6 amps) which appears to be too much for this single battery. I have a second 3.7v battery on the way to test having two batteries in series to allow for more amperage although I’m not sure this will work or be healthy for the batteries over time.

@alzhao I am wondering if you can recommend a TYPE of battery that WILL power the AR300M based on it’s power requirements. Can you recommend one for testing?

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Hi Adam,

A LiPol Battery (3.7V) should be able to output a very high current unless they are not designed to do it.

If you want a powerful battery you can check these: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/3200mah-3-7v-50c-lipo-car-pack-1s2p.html

These batteries are for R/C models which can output 50C (means 150 ampere, so more than 500 Watt). I used to use these batteries for testing purpose. But you have to have a model grade charger. Otherwise you cannot charge them rapidly.

Be sure to use only one cell (1S) 3.7V, as most model grade batteries are serial connected. 2S is 7.4V and can burn your device immediately.

Also these batteries is not designed for consumer products and you have to use with caution.