Bypass VPN for certain websites


I’m a happy new user of AR300M. I’ve successfully set up openVPN.
But I want to access some domains directly, while the VPN is still connected.
Can you please help?

Does IP work?

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Thanks. Is it possible to bypass VPN for ALL domestic websites? (all websites with my country’s domain suffix)

I think you want to use wildcards for domain names in DNSmasq - depends on the version of DNSmasq

maybe could use this

could request support here

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Generally you need a IP database to determine if the website is in your local country. I think there is such list but need to pay money to buy. The list also need to update. In the Internet there are some IP list e.g. for China.

Some website provide API to check but they would not give you the database. (IPv4 / free) (IPv4, IPv6 / free) (IPv4, IPv6 / free) (IPv4 / free) (IPv4, IPv6 / free) (IPv4, IPv6 / free for non-commercial use) (IPv4, IPv6 / free for registered user, need API key)

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@mahdif62 Do with this.

root@GL-AR150:~# cat 

. /lib/functions/

ipset_init() {
	ipset create bypass hash:ip hashsize 64

route_policy() {
	local tb=30

	network_get_gateway gw wan
	network_get_device dev wan

	iptables -t mangle -I PREROUTING -m set --match-set bypass dst -j MARK --set-mark 0x20
	ip route add default via $gw dev $dev table $tb
	ip rule add fwmark 0x20 table $tb

enable_forwarding() {

ipset_init && route_policy && enable_forwarding

And then configure dnsmasq-full. You can see this port for detail.

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