Bypass VPN for Incoming Connection or certain Client


  • Router: Vodafone Station ( ARRIS)
  • Vpn Router: GL-MT300N-V2 (3.104) 1x WAN 1x LAN Port
  • Switch Passive Tp-Link SG 108


  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1 ( Raspibian Buster 10)
  • Reciever: uno4k Cable
  • Laptop: Win10


  • Vodafone Cable
  • AIRVPN over OPENVPN Client ( Gl-Net Router) with Remote Ports

Hey Folks,

I tried to configure my RAS that it runs a Webservice through the Vpn Router.
Everything works so fine,
but i want either:
1. every incoming Connection to RAS Bypasses the VPN or
2. one specific Client ( Reciever ) bypasses the VPN and runs over VF-Router with Full Speed.

The Reciever has also connected to the RAS Network locally.

Possibility 1 is appreciated

Before we get through the configs , is this possible ?

Here is my Diagram:

best regards

You can just use the vpn policy to achieve this I think