Can GL-1800ax Ever have automated “Let’s encrypt” cert process?

Can GL-1800ax Ever have automated “Let’s encrypt” certificate renewal process? Something that further allows Turnibg ON Encrypted AdGuard DNS-over-QUIC? and,… something that provides encrypted SSL connections everywhere? (WebDAV, DDNS etc?)

Synology guys have this certificate renewal automated :thinking: and while you guy’s router being so close to WAN port, you guys can’t consider automating such a critical aspect of access?

SSL certificates require a domein name, which the routers technically have (DDNS name), but they would also require that the router can proof it have access to said name. This would either require HTTP to the router (would not work on CGNAT/normal NAT etc etc) or the router to be any to set TXT records on gl-inet’s DDNS service with possible security issues being possible.

Having any other name, would require the router to be configured for that. Self-signed it pretty simple and if you want to really setup something else you can probably do that! Luci has “luci-app-acme” for that.