Can GL-AR300M go more than 100mbps if connect gigabit USB Adapter

I have been using GL-AR300M router as an intermediate router to combine 2 internet connections using mwan3 package. The LAN port on router is configured as another WAN port and I’m using an USB Ethernet adapter to connect between GL router and gigabit wireless router, which distributes the internet over WiFi.
This setup is working great, and I’m getting full 75Mbps with 2 internet connections of speeds 50Mbps and 25Mbps while using multiple connections.

With advent of cheap internet, now both ISPs are offering 100Mbps plans for lot less. My question is, if I replace the current 10/100 USB Ethernet adapter with Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, will I be able to tap in higher speeds (as my WiFi router is already gigabit). I had read USB 2.0 port is able to deliver 400Mbps of bandwidth theoretically, so 150-160Mbps should be pretty doable right?
Or is this 100mbps limitation is coming from router chip-set, and the gigabit USB Ethernet will still be stuck at 100mbps?

No one tried this yet?

AR300M is using 100Mbps Ethernet. So you cannot exceed this speed whatever you do on the USB dongle.

For 2.4G wifi, it can hardly goes up more than 100Mbps as well.

oh ok, I see, thanks.
I am not using wireless on ar300m btw, as i mentioned there is different router for wireless distribution which has both 5g and gigabit. The two routers are connected through USB to ethernet dongle on gl (10/100 one). It would had been great if the hack had worked, but alas…

With mango v2:

Download: 157 Mb/s
Upload: 178 Mb/s