Can I disable gl_monitor, gl_health?

A load average never going below 1 and you claim that this is fine? load average has no relation with CPU usage. this is the measure of load on the system.

I understand that I was over-concerned about the RAM issue but as far as I understand, this load average is not normal. My usage pattern has not changed and in firmware v2.27, My load wad around 0.1 generally

You are the only user that has an issue with this. If you feel that you need more power, get a B1300 that is quad core and will show probably 0 at all times. Unless you see actual issues when running your programs, the stats don’t matter honestly.

Do real world testing with your programs.

OMG … “load average” is “average number of processes in ‘ready to run’ state” over some period of time.

… so question: what is marshalling out the output of “top” from the stdout buffers, to the socket, thru the networking stack, and out the interface? Invisible fairies, or the CPU, which has to be running a thread or process to do all that?

John is right- if you have this many doubts (which is “inexperience”, IMO) about the GL-iNet devices (which are highly rated, I have three of various models) then yeah, you should get another brand.

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I have no doubt about the hardware. Maybe you missed out the part where I mentioned that while using firmware v2.27, on the same hardware, it always had reasonable load average.

The version 3.0.5 is called testing firmware for some reason. The reason is that it must have room for optimization and it is not fully ready. User feedback is important in this stage. And my “inexperienced” knowledge says that load average of 1.0-5.0 using factory settings is pretty high.

If you have some information on how to troubleshoot and find out the reason causing this high load, you can share that. Saying that “it is not causing any visible immediate problem” is not the solution.

I can always shift to stock openWRT rather using gl-inet admin panel to resolve these issues. But I thought that GL-inet is doing a great job with this new admin panel, thus I wanted to use it for some days.

I am learning things and every article I read, said that I should check out the reason(s) for high load average, once it exceeds 1 for single core CPU and in my case it always stays above 1 after flashing the new testing firmware 3.0.5. That’s all I have to say.

1.0 IS a reasonable load average.

… and what changed with the 2.X → 3.X transition? If the kernel changed, what is a “load average” can change as well (sometimes they consider different points in the I/O chain for “load” consideration, or what’s “ready to run” when it comes to sleep states, etc.). Maybe the tool you’re using to look changed.

But again, you are finding problems where none exist. You know, some of us do this for a living and know what we’re taking about, especially when you consider your router doesn’t actually HAVE any problems.

I’m out, for real this time. Good luck