Can i run the AR-300M-Ext without the external antennas?

With the box in which it came, there was a warning to not power on the router unless the external antennas were attached - however I’ve opened it up and see that there are internal antennas connected at all times as well as the connectors for the external ones - is it actually OK to run it without the external antennas or will it really cause damage?

I’ve run it just fine for months without the antennas, granted I used it primarily as a VPN gateway with the WiFi disabled. No problems turning on WiFi occasionally, but not sure if leaving it on and actively using it long term might cause damage from all the reflected untransmitted energy.

It is not suggested to use without antenna.

Never attach or detach the antenna while the device is powered.

Thank you. I guess the unit is designed to expect a certain impedance on those lines and has no tolerance otherwise?

The paper manual (ver. 20170612.1) says

“For more detailed and updated instructions, please visit our website Overview - GL.iNet Docs

This network path does not exist.

Fixed. Thanks for finding.