Can I use the Brume's wireguard between my ISP modem and Edgerouter 12P?

I already have a router, I used 9 of the ports and 4 of them are PoE. I don’t want to replace my router.

Can I use the Brume GL-MV1000 with Wireguard between my ISP modem and Edgerouter 12P’s WAN port?

I would like to cover my entire home wired and wireless under wiregaurd without replacing my router.

Double NAT works well with this router or any other decent one (RT-AC68U for example) I use BRUME with a Mikrotik wAP ac because BRUME with WIFI is a shame. I use it as a Wireguard client with Policy routing despite Policy routing here being very poor. But they say they will work on it. FreshTomato and Merlin ASUSWRT do better than this.