Can openwrt provide this level of access control of internet? From an internet addict seeking help

I turned from a Tp L1nk C2 to brumeW for freq security patches.

But I love tplink’s access control of internet.
Anyway can I have this on BrumeW/openwrt?


what’s good:

  1. it have enable, and disable
  2. have ALLOW by default or DENY by default.
  3. choose a: host, b: target/website c: time schedule
    THEN you can set rules using host+target+time schedule.

Which is fxxking powerful.

honestly even newer tplink only have simplified control of this.

I stick to openwrt for security,
any way I can have this type of control?
I need it for controlling my internet addiction.

btw, my current config is dual NAT:

brumeW on outside, for security.

tplink C2 is the inner one.

since newer tplink models also dont have this detail,
I’ll hope oneday I have this on openwrt.

btw, this control is better than anything I saw,
be it ddwrt, asus, dlink etc.