Can’t enter Uboot mode on my AR150

Hi there. I installed a WiFi Pineapple clone on my AR150. However, I wanted to try something different and wanted to reset the device.

I just can’t boot into Uboot mode. When I follow the procedure the second green LED illuminates right after the fifth blink of the red LED.

When I hold the button a little longer the second green LED goes dark again but still no Uboot.

Did I break my device?

You might need to open the case, and connect a serial port to check the boot log.

Unfortunately I don’t have a serial cable or a computer with a serial port. Is there any other way to achieve that? Buying a serial to USB adapter is almost as expensive as a new AR150.

If you still can boot your wifi pineapple firmware then the uboot still works.

When you see the second gree LED light up, release your finger immediately, don’t hold it longer.

Thank you very much. That did the trick. I kept my finger on the reset button far too long or just a tick too short. Uboot works.

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