Can’t tethering with iPhone

I’m using MT300A with testing firmware 3.009, and iPhone usb tethering doesn’t work. Used to work with 2.x
Plug in iPhone, ‘trust computer’ dialog prompts, then press ‘trust’, switch on/off hotspot, on router UI nothing happens(refresh doesn’t help).
What can I do to help debug this problem?

Please enable and disable your hotspot multiple times and see.

Also pls check the log in router.

This should work if your router can see the interface which should be eth1.

But I didn’t test recently and I need to try and tell.

Here is my log since I unplug and replug my iPhone.

Can’t select text on my iPad, sorry for the inconvenience.

These logs show the problems. Will investigate.

F.Y.I. another odd behavior is that every time I plug in iPhone, the prompt asking me to trust the computer will appear again, as if I’ve never connected the iPhone.

This is definitely a bug. In earlier versions we have the iphone info stored in the router once you trust.

Please upgrade to the latest firmware. We have fixed the tethering issue. Firmware is available in Mind you have to turn off “Personal Hotspot” and turn it on again after plugging usb cable.

Works like a charm.


I’m having the same issue with the tethering not working on the AR300M. Is this also an issue on this one?