Can the team offer a specific timeline for an updated GL-E750 / Mudi with a 5G module (North America)?

You guys need to release an updated 5G Mudi Router for North America (Canada). Every major carrier has strong 5G signals throughout both the US and Canada. I’ve been a long-time GL-iNET user, but the new Nighthawk M6 Pro that was just released today has support for Canadian 3G, 4G, and 5G bands at a reasonable price. They offer incredible speeds, removable battery, and connectors for an external antenna.

I don’t know how much longer I can hold out on waiting for GL-iNET to do something before splurging to upgrade to the Nighthawk. It’s been ages since we’ve seen any updates to any of your mobile hotspot products. And it’s extremely concerning to watch you “sunset” one of your mobile hotspot products rather than update it.

The 5G modules are currently available from your current 4G module supplier (albeit in a different form factor).

Can you please offer a timeline? A specific timeline, not “not yet” I’ve seen posted elsewhere. I want to know how long I’d have to wait because I’d prefer to purchase a Mudi over the Nighthawk.

For anyone curious, I had a discussion with a staff member in another thread.

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