Can we show real position on goodcloud?

I have about 100 routers that we are going to have listed in goodcloud soon. They are all at different locations. Is it possible to plot them on the map according to their GeoIP? We could add them to individual groups and add locations manually, but this is quite tedious.

Thank you!

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Now you have to add manually to group.

The best way is to add in batch. As you have a large number of routers, you’d better talk with sales people to record mac addresses.

Is it possible to at least have a “per unit” location instead of per group? All our routers are in a different location, and each location has only one.

We have setup the routers to automatically report their name/mac and serial via slack so it is easy to add them when they come online.

It all depends how you want to control the devices.

How do you want to manage devices in groups?

We keep most of them in a single group for “Active Customers” who are all over the US.