Cannot access https router when VPN Client in use


Im unable to access my router externally using https when the VPN Client is in use on the router.

I was able to do this before - What option do I need to change?

VPN policy is on the certain MAC addresses only.

Try this


unfortunately this made no difference.

What do you mean by externally? Connecting to https from the internet? What is your router model and how is it configured/setup ?

Router is flint on fw 4.2

Nothing special other than using a WG VPN Client with a policy to route certain MACs through the VPN.

and externally meaning outside of the LAN.

I can confirm this also with my setup (not WG-client but OpenVPN-client): https not accessable when vpn-client is on (global policy)
The issue sound similar to mine: GL-AX1800 / FW 4.2.1 / WAN access to Router / LAN devices with VPN-client/server enabled - #7 by dieterlind

Keep it as default - unicast.