Cannot add AzireVPN as WireGuard client (Error: Add failed)

Hi, I have an Opal router that I’m trying to setup with AzireVPN. I follow the setup guide as per AzireVPN Guide - GL.iNet

I enter my credentials, give it a name, then I recieve - Error: Add failed
There isn’t any other logs or info that I can see which might indicate why the add failed.

Login credentials are definitley correct. And I named it ‘azire’ no special characters.

Do you guys have any ideas?

Just to quickly update this, I downloaded the wireguard configuration files from the Azire website and applied the config manually on the Opal, this seems to have done the trick

Generally it cannot connect to Azirevpn server. But glad that you worked it out.

@Parabol72 Hello . Did you also have problems with the browser when you entered the account number(AzireVPN) in the MUDI interface? Perhaps you have another device, I did not see its name in your message)).
I had the same problem but with a different provider. I’m interested to know your experience.