Cannot connect to Admin panel, Beryl AX flashing blue

New Beryl AX not connecting to internet. If using WIFI, get slow flashing blue light. I am using an iPad (and or android mobile phone)so not possible to connect beryl to device with Ethernet cable. I tried connecting beryl WAN port by Ethernet cable directly with my iiNet home router using its LAN port. Beryl then had a steady blue light but apparently still not connected to internet because I was still unable to access Amin Panel on either iPad or phone. I have never been able to access the Admin Panel. I have reset the beryl several times but this seems to have no effect

This status means it boot up but has no Internet. But it should have wifi.

Beryl's WAN to your Home router's LAN should be correct.
But Solid blue light means that it is booting. So this seems be a problem.

I'd suggest that you check the power adapter.