Cannot Connect to Home Wifi but will connect to mobile hotspot

So I just got the MT300N (yellow one) from Amazon. I am quite disappointed that it fails utterly to connect to my home Wifi. I have tried forgetting my own wifi network and logging in again on my computer just to verify the password is what I remembered. I updated the firmware, rebooted it, reset it… Everything I could do I already have done.

Oddly, if I turn on my phone’s data hotspot the MT300N has no problem connecting to that instantly. I tried moving into the same room as my wifi router just in case it was a range issue, but no dice…

Nothing I can do will seemingly coax this lil’ thing to connect to my home wifi. Getting set up and connected on my home wifi was supposed to be the test run to see if it works before taking it out and using it on public wifi… If it cannot work here in my home I will have to return it. Totally baffled.

Couple of quick thoughts.

  1. MT300N is only 2.4Ghz, assume your source router is broadcasting on 2.4Ghz?
  2. What channel is your source router 2.4Ghz set to? If it’s set to auto maybe try setting it to defined channel instead (1,6,11)?

Yea, I logged into my home router and the channel was set to auto and it was at 2.4Ghz. The MT300N came set to channel 6.

Try setting your home router to channel 1,6 or 11 and then do a repeater scan on the MT300n.