Cannot connect to Slate AX via GLi APP

I have a Slate AX, set up with it’s own SSID, 4.01 release 3 FW.
Currently in repeater mode, all working fine.

When I go to the Gli APP and choose the Slate AX it says wait booting, but it did not seem to actually reboot itself, it just presented the info screen about connecting to Wifi (which I already was).

Same thing if I choose the QR Code.

I eventually managed to get it working by rebooting the thing manually, not sure if this a bug, a glitch or by design, but hopefully it helps someone else.


I guess you are using the setup wizard to configure a device that has already been initially set up. It is used to configure the new device or reset the device after.
For the device that has already been initially set up, You just need to connect to its WiFi and then open
the App, then you will see a dialog box to enter the admin password.

I don’t think the GL.iNet app actually boots/reboots the router. The app tells you to plug in the power adapter and USB cable to power the router for the first time out of the box, then runs a timer to allow time for it to boot up, before proceeding to the next step.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Hi, yes I was (…using the setup wizard to configure a device that has already been initially set up…). I am sure it works well for newly purchased starts, but as it was already set up (via a WedAdmin) I thought I’d try to access it via the App. At this point (after registering an account) I tried to add the Router to the App and it went through those steps (but as wcs2228 pointed out) it did not actually (physically) reboot the Router. Maybe I was reading the App instructions incorrectly, but to me it suggested that is what it was doing (rebooting). Anyway, no harm done, just had to unplug/replug it myself and hey presto, it was then recognised and added to the App.

My post was just a suggestion for the GLi App Authors to perhaps clarify the instructions, help future users who may have followed the steps I took.