Cannot restore LUCI backup

I have two GL.iNet GL-AXT1800 (Slate AX) routers. Both have the latest firmware installed. I can backup router 1 and it will save the TAR file without a problem. When I try to restore that file onto router 2 it says the file is not readable. I have done this several times with the same result. Any suggestions?

Make sure you are restoring the .tar.gz file (not .tar).

Restoring a backup from Router 1 to Router 2 may not work properly because the backup contains device-specific content (e.g., MAC address).

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Thanks for your input on the subject. Do you know if the backup process natively produces the GZ file? I did not see that extension in the backup download. I do have about 20 reserved IP addresses that of course do require MAC addresses. That was the whole point of me backing up all of that work. It’s unfortunate that a backup will not work under those circumstances.

Thanks again for your help.


I would not bother. Reserved DHCP addresses are stored as below. Just backup and restore that file and you are done:

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Thanks. And where is that directory located?

And do I back up from the router? Or just copy a backup to that directory? Thanks.

Using WinSCP.
Go to first router and copy /etc/config/dhcp file .
Go to second router and paste /etc/config/dhcp file.

It may take a couple of reboots and device connections to get the second router to start seeing all the DHCP hostnames properly I’ve found in my experience but it does work eventually.

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I have used 8 different GL-iNet routers and the LuCI backups are all .tar.gz files.

Or you can extract the dhcp file from your backup of the first router and use WinSCP to copy it across to the second.

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