Cannot view SMS messages on GL-X750

I cannot view sms messages on my GL-X750. It just keeps loading. I also cannot click the “New Message” button. Please help.

Firmware version?

Can you try a different browser?

Firmware: 3.104
I already tried different browsers. Maybe this will help, when I view in browser console, there is an error

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined
at a.getTime (index.js?v=332e302e353636:272)
at a.n [as getTime] (vue.js?v=332e302e353636:6)
at eval (eval at Tn (vue.js?v=332e302e353636:6), :3:1696)
at a.Ct [as _l] (vue.js?v=332e302e353636:6)
at a.eval (eval at Tn (vue.js?v=332e302e353636:6), :3:932)
at a.t._render (vue.js?v=332e302e353636:6)
at a.r (vue.js?v=332e302e353636:6)
at Kr.get (vue.js?v=332e302e353636:6)
at (vue.js?v=332e302e353636:6)
at ht (vue.js?v=332e302e353636:6)