Can't access the uboot on MT3000

After upgrade the firmware to a self-compiled OpenWrt system. I want to revert it back to the factory firmware. So I try to do this through the Uboot. Here is what I did.

What I did

  1. Only connect LAN to my computer.
  2. Keep pressing the reset button, plug adapter in the type-c.
  3. Change the IP of my computer to, net mask to /24, gateway to After this, open in my browser.

What I see

  1. The light on the router flashed 6 times and kept on. After keeping the light on for about 20s, the light started flashing again, and kept on after that.
  2. During the first time of light keeping on, I can’t open And during the second time of light keeping on, the page is redirected to the luci page of the OpenWrt.

What I presume

By doing this, I am sure the system is reset to the initial status of this OpenWrt firmware instead of activating the Uboot. So what should I do to access the uboot? Or other ways to debug? Or to revert to the factory firmware?

Then you will see a LED flashing in a regular sequence a few times, please release your finger after the sequence changes.

I guess you did this? So removing finger only after the sequence changed?

Can I just upload the official GL-iNet firmware in the luci interface of OpenWrt to upgrade?

Yes, I released my finger after the light flashed 6 times.

It’s better to keep only one NIC on, and use chrome incognite windows to avoid any cache.