Can't access to webservers throught Wireguard VPN

Currently, I have two routers set up. The first router is provided by my ISP and the second router is a GL-AXT1800 router. I’ve connected the two routers using a LAN port on router 1 and the WAN port on router 2.

I’ve created a DMZ zone from the LAN port on router ISP to WAN port on router GL-AXT1800.

One of the GL-AXT1800 router’s LAN port is connected to a minipc with a Proxmox node with two VM, a Pi-hole and Nextcloud.

I can surf the internet from Wifi, Pi-hole does its job, I can configure the Wireguard’s VPN server and I arrive to the GL-AXT1800’s management web interface (192.168.3.x). However, I can’t reach the Pi-hole nor Nextcloud in the same subnet 192.168.3.x

What am I doing wrong? What am I missing?

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Some screenshots from the configs that are already done:

Should I set up port forwarding?

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I have written a guide myself, but it is in Chinese. Can you try to translate it into English? Mostly screenshots

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Finally, I’ve reset the GL-AXT1800, started again and now the VPN is working. Thinking about it, perhaps I broke something when I was messing with the configs and the luci web interface.

@luochongjun Thank you very much for your guide!! :clap: :clap:

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