Can't connect Android App to Router when SSID has been changed

I’ve searched around but cannot find an answer to this:
I’ve setup my ATX-1800 Slate and changed the SSID and passwords using the android app (1.4.2(127)). Then depowered and repowered per the apps instructions. Now when I go to add “a new device” (nothing appears under “manage devices”) and it takes me back through the same steps as if I was just setting it up again. There appears to be no way to tell it “heh! its already setup!”. It gets to “searching for devices” and says it cannot find any - even though I’m connected to it, and logs in. Exact same behavior using my iPad.

The app should just ask you to login if you are connected to it directly.

Calling app guys to check.

Sorry, I don’t understand this sentence. During the first setup process, the app will not guide the user to depower…

If the router is set up, you just need to connect to Wi-Fi with your phone and reopen the app. The app will automatically pop up the login dialog.