Can't connect client to Wireguard server on GL-AR 750S Slate travel router

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone might be able to help with me setting up a vpn connection from my travel router to my vpn server through Wireguard.

I successfully set up a Wireguard vpn server on a GL iNet Beryl router that is connected to my main router. To verify it was working, I scanned the QR config code and set it up on my phone and checked the ip address. All good.

Now, I am trying to set-up my travel router as a client to run through the server just like my phone. I copied the config code from the Wireguard server and added it for a new profile on Wireguard Client on the travel router. Whenever I turn it on, however, the indicator light stays yellow (instead of green) and it seems unable to make a connection.

Anyone have ideas as to why this isn’t working? Do I need to add a pass forwarding or do something else so it can establish a connection?

Router with VPN Server – GL-MT1300 / Beryl AC1300 Travel Router
Travel Router – GL-AR 750S-EXT Slate

Never mind, all good. Learned you can’t run both on the same network, that was the issue. Once I ran client on a different network voila.

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