Can't connect to GL-MT3000 with ax enabled on some devices

I just got a GL-MT3000 last week. I’ve left most of the settings on default and the only real modification I’ve made so far is to install an ipk to let me use easytether. I’ve got a laptop with an ax201 nic and a mini pc with which i’ve tried both an ax200 and ax210 nic. with all 3 of these I can connect to the router but can only get internet access if I disable their n/ac/ax wireless mode in windows adapter properties. i have several other PCs that also have ax200 nics that get internet just fine with it enabled. I wouldn’t think it would be relevant but both the devices that have this issue use mobile/laptop processors, an AMD 4800U and an Intel Core i7-1065G7. any ideas as to what could be causing this?

How do you do this? Disabling n/ac/ax seems that you disabled wifi completely.

Are you using cable?

i disable n/ac/ax and leave a/b/g enabled. no, i’m not using cable. (to be clear, i’m saying i disable it in the adapter properties in windows, not on the router)

This seems not an issue. But if it does, can you find updated driver for the wifi card?

i’ve tried the latest drivers from windows update and from the manufacturers themselves, no difference