Can't connect to network drive

Hello, my AR300M is in DHCP ip mode connected vía cable to my main AP router, I can connect to it and surf internet but I can’t access to my local network server which is under the main AP router.

I know about wireless repeating bridge mode and etc… but I need to use the cable becouse it is too far away in the garden and the signal is not possible to get.

I attach a screenshot of the issue:

I want to be able to access the local area network of the main AP router (asus n55u) through AR300M which is connected to it via ethernet cable. So I can be in my garden and use my server (will be great also for IP cameras etc…)

¿Any help here ? Thank you in advance.

I assume you want to use SAMBA on the NAS, you can try to use IP directly. Using domain name does not work.

I don’t think IP cameras will be a problem.