Can't connect to Wifi on AR300M16 from Android


I have set up my router with OpenVPN, and from my Win10 laptop I can connect to its Wifi just fine.

But I have tried two Android phones and a tablet, and they all refuse to connect to the Wifi with an “authentication error” after several attempts.

I have updated to router to firmware 2.27

Any thoughts?

Try without encryption and see if that works.

I’m not sure what encryption you are talking about.

Wireless encryption - what else?

You can change the WiFi encryption in WiFi set up page


Thanks, I did take a look at that, and no encryption at all isn’t one of the options. In any case, I don’t really see that as a sensible way to connect.

I did have a random connection successes when trying different wireless standards, so 11n instead of mixed n and g.

Did you do according to the docs? It has option to choose encryption.

As I said, I don’t really want to go down that road.

Do you have any reason to assume that I would have better luck in connecting without encryption?

@Gimli do what @alzhao told you. Newer phones can refuse to connect if the wifi security is too low, or if you have changed the setting in the phone also. Change to WPA2.