Can't get access to the Internet after Openwrt 23.05 firmware on GL-XE300 router

Hello. I installed the OpenWRT 23.05 firmware on my GL-XE300 router.
But after the update I lost internet. I also cannot enter the main
menu at I only have access to Can you tell
me what I need to do and how I can set up the Internet? It does not
work via ethernet cable and SIM card

So I guess you installed plain OpenWrt instead of a GL.iNet firmware?

Yes i downloaded firmware
on the official website from openwrt it is written that 23.05 is suitable for it

Indeed but in that case you won't get the GL GUI nor a good support here. The OpenWrt forum is more suitable for plain OpenWrt questions.

Maybe some folks here can help you anyway; but I am not sure about this.

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I'd recommend swapping back to Gl.iNet actual firmware as there's another xe300 owner on the Openwrt forums having issues with WAN, they had to adjust QMI and other stuff, it's not documented on the Openwrt wiki or included in the firmware.

Link is here:

tl;Dr the Openwrt firmware is very generic and there is no easy way to set things up, you're left writing config and cron jobs to reconnect the connection when it drops.

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OpenWrt vanilla's default IP is So if you flash vanilla openwrt you need to set up at

For Ethernet it may not be difficult to configure but Modem may be complicated.