Can't log in to Captive Portal with GLMT300N-V2

I’ve installed the latest firmware and have tried using WISP mode via wifi and via ethernet cord in the LAN port, but no avail to getting the splash screen to log in. Now, it looks like the antennae strength has severely dropped (the wifi I was trying to connect to went from full bars to ones bar…I’m in the same room as the router)

I’ve gone into internet settings> custom dns> unchecked rebind protection, but I still get no host resolved. I’ve gone in and whitelisted the MAC address, and even tried to prepopulate the PPPOE information, even though the WAN ports on the router don’t work.

I’m mostly concerned with the severe drop in signal reception after the Firmware update from 2.26 to the automated update 2.27 that I was able to do using my cell phone as a hotspot.

I just can’t get a captive portal place to pop up and let me in. Anyone out there have any help to offer?

I had to remove the custom cloudflare DNS IPs I put in (not just uncheck that DNS rebind protection) in order to get the captive portal login page to appear on Hilton networks recently…do you have any custom entries you could try removing?

I have the same problem on my MT300N-V2 with latest firmware and using the repeater settings, the signal strength is all one bar even if right next to transmitter, if I roll back to version 2.26 all is normal showing various signal strength.

Can you disable the rebind protection in 2.26? And no, I have no custom dns anything.

No, option not showing.

I think you can if you go into advanced, but I don’t know how. I think you go to the console input and put that line in something like:
Rebind protection = ‘0’
or something like that. I just don’t know how to do it. The 2.27 added a radio button for the option to disable it, but I think it is possible in 2.26, just more involved.

Admins/mods can you weigh in?

dns rebind protection setting is in /etc/config/dhcp