Can't USB tether using Iphone 12 mini on GL-AR750S. PLEASE HELP

I tried USB tethering my iphone 12 mini to the GL-AR750S router. Sometimes the wifi stops working and disconnects. Why does it keep happening?

I online upgraded and my iphone is iOS 15.3.1

Do you mean the wifi or AR750s disappear? Do you think the router rebooted?

Or you think the tethering from your phone to the router was broken?

The wifi just disconnects and I lose internet

Did you see the router reboot? i.e can you connect back immediatelly or you need to wait around 1 minute?

When this happen, can you ssh to the router and get some log?

Yes it connects back immediately when I reboot. But thats not the problem, the wifi disconnects while I use it for a long time.

How do I ssh to the router?

about ssh pls refer to SSH to the Router - GL.iNet Docs

Ok. What kind of log do you need? I will sent you the screenshots via personal message.