Captive portal auto disconnect & VPN (wireguard)


I really loved your solution with the captive portals in hotels with deactivating dns rebind. Unfortunatly now I am in a hotel with an captive portal which does an auto disconnect after 4 hours. It is just 1 click to reconnect, but as I am in a wireguard vpn using the routers wireguard client the captive portal is not forwarded to my device. So I have to disconnect my wireguard connection, click the portal button and then reconnect wireguard again. Which is annoying.

I now it is hard to parse the captive portal for the right button and automate the single click.
But is there a solution to forward the captive portal while I am on an active vpn connection? I mean it is possible to do it in the wg.conf file but maybe there is a good way to automate this via gui when the router knows the IP adress of the captive portal.

[device SFT 1200 with os 4.3.7]