Captive Portal with GL-AR750 - gl-ar750-3.012-0111

I just wanted to give a little update on the Captive Portal stuff from my travels. I have been using the gl-ar750-3.012-0111 firmware from the 11JAN. I can confirm that it works pretty much effortlessly at the 4 different hotels I’ve stayed at. The only thing you have to do is turn off the custom DNS stuff. Very happy I no longer have to spend an hour setting up the router every time I get into my hotel. The MAC spoofing and DNS stuff was a mess.

I’ll keep testing at the next two hotels I stay at this month, and if anything changes I’ll post in the bug tracker and here.

Thanks for the great product and updates!

Thanks. We have a testing firmware with portal detection, which will deal with DNS and vpn staff.

If you could test, we can provide a testing firmware for AR750. Now I think the firmware is only available for AR750S and MiFi.

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Dear Alzhao,

I’ve tried using the latest firmware on my 750s (with Cloudfare encrypted DNS turned on).

As I’ve previously posted I’ve tried it with O2 Wi-Fi in the UK and it didn’t work (no portal page came on when connected and trying to browse on the Web).

How should it work - perhaps I’m doing something wrong ?


Would love to test this firmware out. Is it the one that was posted today? gl-ar750-3.013-0129.bin?

Thank you

There is only firmware for AR750S and mifi, with portal in the firmware name.

The firmware do not work always. But it does work for some people. Use with caution.

Will it work on my AR750 though? I don’t have a Slate.

Unfortunately we didn’t compile the firmware for AR750. And now it will be 2 weeks holiday without any update.

Your first response says if I could test you would provide a testing firmware for AR750. So that’s why I’m confused.

My bad. I should provide but I failed. Engineers went home now. Sorry.