Car adapter for GL-X750-Ext 4G LTE Smart Router


I would like to use GL-X750-Ext 4G LTE Smart Router in a car. The car has 12 volt internal and the GL-X750-Ext 4G LTE Smart Router use 12 volt. Does anyone have recommendation how to safely use the GL-X750-Ext without first converting power into 230V?

I know I can buy a cigarette car adapter DC/DC 12V->12V but I do not know the dimension of the power plug. What are the specification of the power plug?


cigarette car adapter DC/DC Is OK.

The diameter is 4mm


So the diameter of the required power plug is
12V, 1.5A center positive, 4.0mm OD; 1.7mm ID

Is this correct?


I cannot confirm 100% before I can hold the power adapter in hand next week.


I can’t tell you the exact 1/10th mm, however, you need one of the yellow-tipped plugs that is approx 4mm OD.

Update: I have a power plug that “fits”, except that it’s not long enough due to the router housing. The tip of the plug on the A/C adapter is 11.5mm long while the tip on my yellow plug is 9.5mm long and the missing 2mm prevent a connection to ground when the PCB is in the housing. Grrrr!


As an FYI, the GL-X750 requires 9.6V minimum to turn on, once on it will stay on down to 8.2V but switch off at 8.1V.