Cells Info on 3G/4G router

I tried to search for this on the forum but seems like I couldnt find anything.

I wanted to know whether its possible to CHOOSE the cell tower the Mifi/3G4G Router is connected to. I know you can see the towers under cells info, but I couldnt find the place to actually choose. I checked under LuCi as well.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Sorry I don’t know the answer.

Hi Alzhao, thanks for replying to me.

Surely you know whether there is a feature that you can choose cells? Did you code in this feature? Does one have to manually code it in?

It is the modem’s choice to choose which tower.

So we don’t code about this.

But one direction is to use AT command to ask the modem to choose tower. But I don’t know which command.

AT Command varies on the type of modem we have. What is the type of modem that is used in Mifi?

Thorough another forum, I found an article a command in the following document, page 347, AT^CELLLOCK at least for the ME909s Series.

But this doesn’t work on the Mifi.

You need to find this info from the router’s admin panel. It displays the modem model.