Cellular is active, but no configuration possible

Hi all,

After a while of running smoothly, I logged into the interface of my GL-X750 and saw that cellular is active, but at the same time, the interface doesn't see the modem.... but there is an internet connection through cellular.

I wanted to modify the configuration, but the interface just won't let me because the tile is greyed out. See the screenshot. Anyone with the same problem?

Kernel version is 5.10.176
Openwrt version is OpenWrt 22.03.4 r20123-38ccc47687

Which firmware version are you running?

Can you wait about 10 seconds on this page?

Give the firmware version. Not the kernel version.

Also can you use F12 in your browser to check if there are failed APIs?

Sure, I did, but even after 5 minutes, nothing appears.

Sorry, I checked the system info page for versions :slight_smile:
The firmware version is 4.3.6

Can you ssh into the background of the router?

ssh root@
ls /dev/ttyUSB*

I did, see screenshot attached
Schermafbeelding 2024-07-03 om 09.29.26

This is really weird
Can you find this api and show me a screenshot of the preview page
thank you
Finally, I would like to ask that you have not changed the modem

I'm remote today and don't have direct access to the device, can I also see these request using the rtty remote interface? Or do I need direct access to the device using wifi.

It should be okay, through rtty
It doesn't matter if you tell me tomorrow

Found the faulty API call, despite of earlier statement that there are no failed API calls, sorry.
Please see the screenshot:

HTTP response code is: (canceled).

emm, does this page return anything?

Has the module been replaced?

The preview pane is empty and is expected since the rpc call failed (canceled) so it doesn't return anything. The module isn't replaced, it's just a working router which had a functional interface for the modem, but it vanished from the GUI in some unclear way:

Upgrade the firmware?
I don't have replications locally

That's also one of the things I thought about to move forward, but the device tells me that it's already at the latest firmware.

Upgrade it manually
It's now 4.3.17

finally,Can you send me the log?
thank you

Thanks, I'll try to upgrade remotely. Please see the attached log, full of errors to the /dev/ttyUSB2 device
logread.tar (130 KB)

After doing to upgrade to the 4.3.17 version, the Cellular interface tile appeared again! Thank you for your suggestion! But why does the interface tells me that the firmware is up to date while it isn't ?