certificate issue with https Web UI (GL-MT3000 Beryl AX)

I just got my GL-MT3000. Setup is ok, except for the certificate issue when I launch https://192/168.8.1/. Tried to replace the certificate below with my own self signed openssl certification, but doesn’t work. Please let me know what I should do to fix this issue.

Does your system trust the self-sign CA for your self-sign-cert? Did you included the certificate chain and restarted nginx + cleared browser cache?

Certs usually work only for DNS names, so IP will still throw errors

When I checked the certificate in my browser, somehow I still saw the older certificate. I did cleared the browser cache, it didn’t work.

I don’t have that much knowledge on this. Can you provide the step by step instruction so that I can try?

There is no need for replacing it anyway, so why do you want to replace it? If you don’t have the knowledge you shouldn’t do it :wink:

Googling „nginx ssl self-signed“ should lead to the steps you need to follow.

Thanks for your advice.

BTW, if I accept the risk and continue, does that means that the communication will be encrypted or will be plain text.

I will do some googling for sure.

Connection is still encrypted.

TLS itself (https) will ensure the security, a trusted (!) certificate will ensure the … well … trust.

Replacing an untrusted cert by another untrusted cert isn’t that useful.

Good to know.

Let me do some research. I might try Let’s Encrypt later.

This might help you for studying: