Cgi-bin API

I have 3 routers that I want to use as surveillance cameras. Unfortunatelly mjpeg-streamer does not work when the user logs out.

Is there any bypass so I can always access the stream by http://<IP>/stream ?

Can you release the cgi-bin api ? In generall it would be very usefull, but I am mostly intrested in login_cgi and video_cgi.

Thank you


In our firmware you always need to login and use the video camera. If you don’t want to login, please try to get a mjpg-streamer from openwrt directly and install it to the router. You need to get the correct ipk file for your model. For example, if you have AR150, you need to find mjgp-streamer-xxx.ipk for ar71xx. If you have MT300A or MT300N, you need to find the ipk for ramips.

Upload to the router and install using “opkg install xxxx.ipk”

After that you need to use to via the video.