Challenge for geeks, mango router to mirror

Ok so I’m at a hotel with my toddler and I forgot any kind of HDMI dongle. I was looking at the back of the TV… No USB port. There is however an rjp interface port. So I have my little 300n yellow mango travel router. Rjp interface I find out connects multimedia devices like DVD players cd players laptops etc to the tv. I’m guessing to use the tv as a monitor for these devices. Atleast that’s what I read on lg website
So. Can I some how connect my mango travel router to with an Ethernet cable and to the rjp port? Then I figured I could connect my phone to the mango travel router with USB or I could connect to the mango travel router wirelessly with my phone, to like mirror my phone to the TV? My kid needs sesame Street. DESPARATELY. literally nothing is on for kids on this dang thing. He is a toddler he like abc stuff. Please help me
So in short. There is an rjp interface on the tv no USB. And I have nothing for HDMI. I want to connect the travek router to my tv via Ethernet cable to mirror my phone to the TV. It’s gotta be possible. This is supreme work around. If you help me I wouldn’t mind cash appiny you 20 or something

it’s plug and play. you just have to have an odb2 cable that came with your mango that allowed you to plug it into your car for android auto and apple car play. thanks for reminding me, I have to go clear an oxygen sensor code with my mango.

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The RJP interface has an RJ45 jack on the back for control, but that is used in a non standard way. They are just using the plug because it’s cheap, and cables are cheap.

However, they are not using it for network, and you can’t use it for anything.

Since most places are on lockdown, you won’t be able to go out to get a usb to hdmi adapter that works for your phone either, you are out of luck.

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