Change log for beta/snapshots

Is there a change log somewhere? I would like to know differences between FW 4.2.3 and FW 4.3.2 and of course would love to have that info updated with every beta/snapshot push.
That would be more useful for the dev team as well as we could focus testing fixes/changes.

Thank you!

Yes, there is and you can access it based on your device model and the firmware version:

For example, for my device:

You can click “Release Note” in GL.iNet download center (

Thanks for sharing this! I did it the long way :upside_down_face:

My question was specifically about 4.3.2 vs 4.2.3.

While there is such information for the for AXT1800 4.2.3 beta here:

There is none for AXT1800 4.3.2 snapshot here:

It would be nice to have change logs for the snapshots as well.

Maybe there is a git repository where we could follow latest commits?

Thank you both!

Snapshot version not available for logging …
First of all, it is compiled automatically.
Second, it may be intended to fix a bug, but many snapshots may fix unsuccessfully or even create more bugs. that’s why it needs to be tested.
Finally, we will most likely not release a stable version of the corresponding snapshot.

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