Change outgoing TTL

I have a iPhone and I’ve been trying different versions of iptables command but to no avail I am using cheap 20$

Iphone will not work unless you have serious chops. Their stuff is beyond locked down.

So basically this was a year ago and I forgot however, the good news is you prompted me to check out my settings on my router and this line wasn’t there. Even more good news is to get this to work using a Verizon S10+ with unlimited is easy. I did nothing to the phone at all.

With that said connect the Slate to your phones hotspot then sign-in to the Slate. After you’re signed in select “More Settings” on the right, then “Advanced”. You’ll have to sign-in to the router once more, once in advanced settings at the top select “Network”, from that menu select “Firewall”, once in the firewall setting select “Custom Rules” (it’s in blue text). At the very bottom of the “Firewall - Custom Rules” box place the text cursor there and press enter so there is a space between the last line and this new one, copy and paste this…

Now press the “Restart Firewall” button and you should be running at near full speed on your carriers wireless network. Hope this helps, good luck!

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Nice. Glad it is working well for you. I pop in every now and then when someone bumps the thread.

With the phone it all depends on how the carrier recognizes tethering. I had to do quite a bit of work on a certain provider’s phone (not the router) to make sure traffic was going over the normal apn. They had set up a different one that triggered when tethering was enabled. So no matter what the TTL They saw the tether, until i modified it. They can be tricky.

Do i put a space since it might get corrupted if I don’t?

I just put a space (return) to separate it from what was. I don’t think anything will get corrupted if you didn’t have the space (return) so you should be good.

Do you tether phone using usb android native hotspot

Did you connect phone later or before which carrier did you use version or T-Mobile

Sorry ok Verizon Sorry I just scanned

I use the S10+ native hotspot and connect the router to that, then other devices to the router at full speed just using the one line swordfish-ii figured out.

I’m gonna check if works

I don’t think the iphone well work, but I’m curious to see if you get it to.

The phone should be usb tethered to the modern for best speed and to keep the phone charged.

Side note If you are really enterprising you can do this:

I was able to get AOSP kernel to work on my daily phone and setup a script to change TTL. I run the script, then turn on my wireless hotspot. Anything tethered to my phone gets full speed. It has been very handy while traveling.

Basically, the steps go like this… sign-in to Slate, connect to your phones hotspot, then proceed through the settings (my previous post) to paste the line…

“iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING 1 -j TTL --ttl-set 65”

…into the “Firewall - Custom Rules” box at the very bottom and all should work with at least a Verizon S10+ Unlimited.

Oh a android script can you give me a Dropbox for it to give android friends

The script is only part of it. You need to get the AOSP kernel working on your phone as that kernel supports IPtables and mangle. The router does this for you here.

Without the kernel it will not work since the normal android kernel doesn’t support mangle (which changes the TTL)

Some phones are supported by AOSP out of the box. I had to do some modification to get it to play nice with my LG v20. (Could never figure out a bug where after using the script/hotspot, making/recieving phone calls results in neither party hearing anything…but a simple reboot solves that and it only happens after full use so i didn’t spend to much time on it)

It partially works since I see high speed then I got my throttled speeds. It’s like a guy into lte room and everybody comes and kicked me back out is there something I can do

That means it is not working.

It is either your phone (likely) or you do not have the correct stuff in your firewall (my quoted command)

If your provider is tmobile apn changes are needed. Also disable ipv6.

Outgoing ipv6 or internal ipv6 what setting do I change in the apn

Disable all ipv6 in the phone and hope there is no carrier firmware that messes with the apn

What apn changes are needed for T-Mobile