Change the WAN to secondary LAN in WDS mode with GL-MT300N-V2

I am using GL-MT300N-V2 in Glinet WDS mode.
The Mango acts as a WIFI bridge to connect wired LAN devices.
Main router ->> WIFI → GL-MT300N-V2 → LAN device.
WIFI access point is switched off as I only want to connect wired devices.

I am happy with the setup and it works perfect for the one connected LAN device, but now I need to add a second LAN device.
I thought I could avoid using a switch when it would be possible to change the unused WAN port to act as a second LAN port.

Luci is installed and I am confident to change a config file if needed.

I want to keep the WDS preset config and just change a small bit.
If I need to setup the GL-MT300N-V2 as a Wifi bridge from scratch in Luci like in times when Glinet had no WDS preset, I will prefer to add a switch. :wink:
Any idea?

In router mode, in the UI you can change WAN to LAN mode.

If you are using WDS, I am not sure if the WAN will be transferred to LAN automatically, or not. But you can try directly.

If not, try to change it to LAN mode first in router mode, then set up as WDS.

Ahh that was too simple.
In WDS mode WAN and LAN are already in LAN mode without any other settings to change.
I just did not try, as I did not expect. :wink:
Thanks @alzhao!

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