Changing BLE Device name with gl-ble-sdk

I’m writing an application with Bluetooth Low Energy on GL-B2200 router.
I’m working with gl-ble-sdk and I managed to test some communication between the router and a smartphone. Now I would like to go something further and I would like to simply change the device name of the router, at the moment it is “BLE Device”, but searching in the source code I can’t find any easy way to change the device name, could you help me?

In the current ble sdk version, we do not support changing the default value of the GATT service. The default value of GATT is hard coded in the module firmware.
We expect to release a new version of BLE sdk next month, which has the function of customizing the dynamic GATT service to meet your needs.(If you use it on the B2200, you need to upgrade the module firmware through the gl-silabs-dfu project). We still have a lot of relevant documents under preparation :smile:

OK, thank you for the answer, I’ll wait for the new firmware release next month. Meanwhile where can I find the current firmware sources for the Gecko BLE module?

Our ble module firmware is not open source. If you are familiar with the ble firmware of silabs, we have only made some minor changes to the ncp example.