Changing country code caused router to stop working

Hello. I have a GL-MT1300 with Luci (which I am reading today isn’t supported for wireless… oh well) and when I flashed it with an old image to do some investigation the wireless showed up as Not Associated. OK…

I do some looking around, see some things about country code. I pull the etc/config/wireless from the router and notice the country code is ‘CN’ and the region is ‘0’. I am in US, so maybe this is the problem. I changed the country code from CN to US wherever I find it in the file and send it back to the router. Then the router freezes, won’t show anything anymore on the GL-iNet UI or the Luci UI. I unplugged the router to reboot it and when it comes back my etc/config/wireless file now also has dnsmasq, dhcp, domain, etc information in it where as before it was just the wireless networks. Also the networks that were previously set up are now gone and only the default remain, with no guest networks even.

I figured it was OK to change the country code but it seems to have done a complete wipe, where did I go wrong here?

Routers for the Chinese market are different from all others.

Does your router have a VPN client? If yes, you’re running the international firmware. If not, keep reading this forum.

I am not sure if it has a VPN client. I will try and figure out how to check that.