Changing LAN Address

I have a GL-XE300 PULI with an AT&T SIM card. I want to use it as an access point in the field. I want to be able to plug into a customer network and create wifi from the customer port and access customer lan ips that are in the 10.237.195.x/24 range. Most customer networks have dhcp so i can just plug them into the WAN port of the PULI but i still want to use internet from the PULI AT&T sim card.

Now for arguments sake PULI is in router mode:
Lets say i plug into the customer network and they assign an IP to the WAN port of the PULI thats If i plug into the LAN port of the PULI i get a 192.168.8.X on my PC now i can access IPs on the too. But now my internet access i.e. goes through the How can i use the sim card thats inserted into the PULI as my internet access?

My idea is to turn off DHCP on the PULI LAN port (to avoid sending IPs to customer) and then change the static IP of the PULI LAN to Then on my PC use as my default gateway and DNS? If i go to a different site that uses a different IP address range then i would need to change the IP of the PULI again, so my other idea is leave the puli at (dhcp off) then i can just use 2 ip addresses on my PC nic card but only 1 default gateway for the PULI…

Is there a better way to accomplish this?

Also when i change the ip address of the PULI LAN i cant access the web GUI anymore.


Try to change your WAN port to LAN and then reboot and connect to your customer network.

Another feature which I have never tested it:

Enable it and drag the Cellular to the top

This just binds them together. Now i dont have a WAN port and will need to make sure dhcp is off on PULI lan then use static ips on my PC.

I dont have that menu for multiwan on the PULI

This is not clear - what are you trying to do exactly? How are your puli clients connected Wi-Fi or ether or both ? Do you want your clients to be in different network or in

Perhaps more details can help others to assist you .

This feature is available in the 4.x firmware. The latest stable firmware version for the MT1300 is 3.217.
You can try to use it by installing the beta version firmware. Or install luci-app-mwan3 on the current firmware to adjust the priority.

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I want to connect to my customer’s network (10.237.195.x/24) with the PULI. Yes both ether and wifi. But i want the internet access of my PC to go through the ATT sim card.

I suggest you start simple and do not over complicate things!

Please try the solutions we suggested to you (above) before moving forward!