Cheating when buying a BRUME-W (GL-MV1000W)

The site indicates that the port of the USB protruding part is on the right side, on the resulting device it does not and the protruding part is on the left, because of this, when you connect the 4G modem Huawei 3372 holes for antennas turn out to be at the bottom, and not at the top of how to be. This is an incorrect location and commissioning of buyers.

I own the AR-750s and he has the same problem, but on the site the location is indicated correctly and there are no questions about it, but Brume-W (GL-MV1000W) was bought in exile from the allegedly correct location, but in fact it turned out that this is a fake. Very sad situation, do you plan to remake the location of the USB port in connection with this?

Sorry for the misleading visuals. We noticed the problem of the USB directions, we will correct them in the up coming products.