Checked and Working (and WIP)

Some of the more “unusual” things that seem to be work here include:

  • WPA3 (SAE-only) authentication
  • 802.11s mesh interoperating with OpenWrt HEAD of the past month (Netgear EA8300 peers)
  • batman-adv interoperation with above
  • Cup-warmer feature significantly more stable than that of an uncased Brume



(This problem, if it exists, which has not been determined, is likely insolvable with the upstream, open-source, non-DSA drivers.)

The IPQ4019 had some challenges with VLANs and the switch due to how they were handled by the older drivers. Notable problems included VLAN 1 and 2 used internally and inability to bridge across WAN-labeled and LAN-labeled ports. This was apparently due to the single PHY and how it connected to the switch. DSA may improve this, but is not in OpenWrt for IPQ40xx devices,

I see the default config looks to have VLANs disabled

config switch
        option name 'switch0'
        option reset '0'
        option enable_vlan '0'

Ref: IPQ40xx Switch Config "Strangeness" - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum

It’s been several years, but the following, decompiled device tree seems worth checking into.
(I did not easily find the source for the AX1800, so I haven’t checked the DTS source.)

                        switch_mac_mode = <0x00>;
                        compatible = "qcom,ess-switch-ipq60xx";
                        switch_cpu_bmp = <0x01>;
                        reg = <0x3a000000 0x1000000>;
                        switch_mac_mode2 = <0xff>;
                        switch_inner_bmp = <0xc0>;
                        switch_wan_bmp = <0x02>;
                        switch_lan_bmp = <0x0c>;
                        switch_mac_mode1 = <0xff>;

That I’m not seeing gmac entries with a vlan_tag shown is helpful. It is possible that the SoC SDK doesn’t have this issue.

:joy::joy: I’m just surprised my fan has never come on

Seems everyone is thinking of how to turn the fan on …

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