“Choose your language”, then device dies


Every time when installing and configuring the device, after some minor change (in LuCI), the main web interface switches to the “Choose your language” screen.

This means, the web. Interface is inaccessible, only a rotating thingy appears and stays there forever.

LuCI is still accessible by typing a cgi-bin url, and the device is still routing. But on the next reboot it will likely be bricked. I suspect every brickage starts like this.

Device name 6416, latest 2.264 firmware, but also applies to 2.25.

What is this, how can i prevent it ?


And after each brick, what are you doing? Just resetting the router? Or are you uploading the firmware via uBoot?

Upload via uboot.

But I think I found something. The 2 guis, LuCI and gl-inet’s, seemed to be fighting over control over the openvpn access. When I took the offending configuration out of LuCI, the gl-iNet web interface was back to normal. So it might work this time.

Yes do all the openvpn config via the GL interface, don’t mix or you can get those issues.