Chromebook disconnects every few minutes on GL-MT1300

I’ve seen this issue come up before, so I’ve upgraded to latest firmware already - v4.3.7. The firmware does seem to improve things a little. Instead of disconnecting almost immediately, the device disconnects after a minute or two and sometimes reconnects automatically. It’s still unworkable though as there’s a minute of downtime every 2-3 minutes, and won’t always reconnect.

At the same time, I have my phone connected seamlessly to the router, as well as a Chromecast that is continuously streaming video during all these Chromebook interruptions. It seems to be a specific compatibility issue with Chromebook.

Device is Asus Chromebook CX1500 aka CX1.

We have a chromebook. Will test and come back to you.

we are using C732–N17Q8 and connection is fine.

Can you send me the log on the router when you have disconnection? Also let me know the WiFi settings on the router.

It’s working fine after restarting the router. I’ll send a log if I see this happen again.

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