Client doesn't show up on WAN port when using WAN as LAN

Slate Plus using Dec 28th 4.2 firmware.

When I have the device configured as a repeater and have devices on ports 1, 2, and 3, port 3 doesn’t show as having an active client on the clients page despite there actually being one there.

Is this something that is known? Using WAN as LAN, it doesn’t show the WAN port client in the client list.

Does the device connected to the WAN port has normal Internet? If yes, it should how in the client list.

If you used static IP, it may be a problem though. DHCP should work just fine.

Yes it does have internet. It’s using DHCP in the router and everything works just fine besides it just not showing up in the client list.

You can see there are 3 clients but only 2 show up. All 3 have internet and “work” fine.

I tested. On 4.1.2 it has this problem.

But on 4.2.0 snapshot it does not have this problem any more.